Pepper Von “From God Through Me to You”


Discussion and Book Signing

This book is an intimate peek into the life journey of international fitness expert, motivational speaker and co-owner of Step 1 Dance and Fitness Studio in Sacramento, California, Pepper Von.Pepper reveals the “collage” of his life–his backstory, his life as a multi talented performer, producer, musician, choreographer, aerobics champion, master trainer for professional fitness athletes and dancers, the creator of Fierce Funk–a highly charged combination of fitness styles–a community activist, father, and spiritual seeker. Pepper is one of the most sought-after speakers today, whether in the sports, entertainment or in the corporate world, as he presents his empowering topics with humor through Pepperisms and fables. “We are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given life and it’s up to us to make an effective life for ourselves and for the benefit of others. In the final analysis life is not about finding ourselves. Life is about creating ourselves. Like everyone else my life has evolved. In order to understand the person I am today, a certain amount of backstory of my early life, is necessary. However, what is more important is how my experiences have played out in my life so that I may share them with the reader, and through this sharing support his or her own growth.”


Mr. Pepper Von, I wanted to thank you. I received your book the day my 21+ year career came to an unexpected and mean and vicious end. I was feeling so terrible, worthless, etc. But I got your book in the mail at the perfect time. I’ve read it once a week and each time I learn a little more. So thank you. You gave me hope and I’ve shared it with many. The second half of my life will be inspiring and teaching others and may I be just a small percentage as amazing as you are. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Stephanie

When I first purchased your book I was in the middle of reading another book so I didn’t start reading your book right away. Oh but when I did, it was perfect timely – it was exactly what I needed!

Reading about your life experiences, your childhood, your challenges and how you used them to strengthen you so you could achieve your goals is inspiring. Reading about your accomplishments and how they didn’t puff your head up but instead humbled you is humbling in itself.

Pepper your book is humorous, insightful and real…..thank you, thank you, thank you Pepper for being vulnerable and courageous enough to share a part of you.

Tara Kugler

In reference to Pepper’s book:: “Each individual who reads Pepper Von’s book WILL absolutely benefit spiritually and emotionally in their journey of life”-

Karin Lewis Ph D, Health and Fitness Practitioner

“This book needs to be in schools all over the nation. Grammar schools- college. History . Thanks for putting it out there, so important for people to understand the whys of where we are now and also how wonderful the future can be.”

Nannette, CEO/Founder WorkoutTemps